aronjshay: Gravity Falls– I hope you’ve all had a chance to see…


Gravity Falls– I hope you’ve all had a chance to see it! There’s just something so awesome and wonderful about it! It’s very exciting to look forward to an animated television show this much and what I love so much about this show, is how visually yummy it is. It’s very rich and colorful, and the backgrounds have some beautiful texture. The overall visual look of the show with the characters and settings is ace!

When I saw the first episode, I absolutely fell in love with the show. Mabel Pines is such a sweet and goofy character, and I knew I had to draw some fanart of her first! Mabel is Dipper’s sister.

I enjoyed the character development sketches that Joe Pitt posted a whole lot, and used his drawings of Mabel as well as the main ‘poster’ for the show as my main reference and guide.

This fan art was drawn and painted entirely in Photoshop with a Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet.

Gravity Falls was created by Alex Hirsch, made by the awesome people at Disney Television Animation, and you can catch it on Disney!

Gravity Falls ©Disney


Here’s one of the earliest pieces of fan art I made for Gravity Falls– Mabel in a rocket cat sweater and space helmet!

I drew this in the summer of 2012, just as the show was starting :3

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