I’m going to make this answer re-bloggable: Question: Hi,…

I’m going to make this answer re-bloggable: 

Question: Hi, Aron! Why do you think is important to visual artists to develop a recognizable style? (or, do you think it’s important?) P.S.: Sorry if this question is kinda boring, I feel like I’m disappointing that crazy Charlotte gif! – Leo

Hi there! Concerning importance of developing a recognizable visual style, I guess it can depend on what works for you personally.

Developing a recognizable style gets you— well, recognized as an artist. People see your work and know it’s you. My coworker Chris feels really strongly about the subject and actually has a couple of articles online about it:

Eighteen Artists Share Their Opinions on Artistic Style – Part I

Eighteen Artists Share Their Opinions on Artistic Style – Part II

I myself don’t feel like I have a very recognizable style, but I’ve been told otherwise and people have said to me that they have seen something and immediately known it’s something I’ve made. That’s pretty cool!

As for my opinion concerning recognizable style— I think developing a recognizable style is important but it’s also very helpful to be able to work in different styles. Being able to work in and match different styles is part of my job, and in general, something that has worked out for me pretty well.

Trying to work in different styles is also fun. I see a lot of different styles and I love to try working in them because it’s a challenge and fun to try something new :)

As for how you develop a style, I think that just comes naturally. There are a lot of influences and things we can see that inspire us and shape the style of our work. Even how we learn or who we learn from can shape how the style develops and looks.  My best friend Kyle taught me a lot about drawing and in turn, his style and technique influenced mine. There was even a time when something I had made was mistaken for his. Over time, my style has changed and shifted, and it will continue to do so as long as I am making artwork.

You should be able to find what works for you and what you want to do with your artwork. Just because you have a recognizable style doesn’t mean you can’t work in other styles, and vise versa. 

I hope this helps! Feel free to ask me more if I missed something :D

(Question originally asked by pepidiphuso)

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