Answers to questions: A: African or European? B: Thank you so…

Answers to questions:

A: African or European?

B: Thank you so much! As for motivation, I guess it depends. It can be tricky to stay motivated and stick to task if I’m getting tired or getting a headache from the monitor. I’ve found that in general, taking periodic breaks helps a lot. I try to get up and walk around. Getting my eyes away from the monitor really helps. It lets me refresh my mind. Breaks are generally recommended anyway to prevent eye strain and such.

Also, drinking water really seems to help out no matter where I am or what I’m doing. This has been true when I was living in an extremely hot apartment in LA (no air conditioning), living in a cool apartment here (with air conditioning) and very helpful at work where the AC is cranked. I noticed If I’m not drinking water, I start to drag and feel tired and it’s a crappy feeling. When I’m getting low on energy (especially in the afternoon) a Coca-Cola usually helps! :D I don’t like the taste of coffee or tea so I will sometimes have a soda instead. It makes it a little easier to focus :)

And sometimes all it takes is looking at some different types of art to get motivated. My tumblr dashboard is great for that as everyone posts so many different things and it’s very inspiring! I am also on Pinterest and see a lot of inspiring/motivating things.

I hope you find those suggestions helpful!

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